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My approach to coaching is holistic. I work with my clients at the level of thinking but I also invite them to pay attention to their emotions and physical sensations, and connect more deeply with them. As I truly believe that real transformation happens when we tap into our conceptual, emotional and somatic intelligence.

As your coach, my role is to shine a light on the parts of yourself that operate under the radar, to bring your habitual behaviours into awareness and help you understand how they live not only in your mind but also in your body. We then work together to develop actions and practices that will help you shift your behaviour and achieve your goals and dreams. 

I strive to always create a safe, trusting, and non-judgemental space where people can open up, be authentic and have insightful and meaningful conversations. 

I will ask powerful questions. I will challenge you and push you outside your comfort zone. And I will hold you accountable for taking action and making changes in your life. But I will also support and champion you. I will actually be one of your best and loyal supporters.

In the sessions I weave in my neuroscience knowledge to create a brain friendly environment, get people out of autopilot mode, encourage smarter thinking and embed new learning and behaviour. 

A key part of my coaching are also creative exercises, somatic techniques, breathing practices, visualisation and meditation. 

Some of the work is done in the sessions and some is done outside the sessions, so you get the most out of coaching with me. 


I offer one-to-one coaching sessions, either face-to-face, via video call or phone. As every person is different, I will work with you to build a package that fits your specific needs and goals.

The frequency of the sessions depends on your availability, but at the beginning of the coaching I always advise to have them a bit more frequently, e.g. once every two weeks.

All packages include a beginning chemistry session of 1.5 hours, which is free. Its purpose is to assess whether I can help you and if we can work together. We will discuss what you want to get out of the coaching, your availability and your budget. I will also tell you about me and how I work.

For the longer packages we will review our progress every 3 or 4 sessions and agree what is working and what can be improved, so we make sure that you always get the best out of your time with me. 

See examples of possible packages below:

A single 2-hour session 

We will work through a small, urgent issue you face. In this time I can help you get to the core of the issue and clarify what is on your mind.

3 to 6 months

We will able to work on a bigger challenge that potentially affects different areas in your life (e.g. work and relationships) 

9 to 12 months

For people who look for real transformation, as behavioural change takes time. We will be able to work on different challenges and areas of your life, tackling deeply entrenched issues and behaviours. 

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