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“Anna was a lifeline to me in 2020-21. She coached me in one of the hardest years I have ever encountered and helped me to control and embrace every rollercoaster emotion imaginable. As my sensible cheerleader, Anna has helped me to grow as a person and a professional. I genuinely believe that I would never have taken the steps to be where I am today without her and I am so proud of myself for working with her, trusting the process, and building the confidence to take the leap and start my own design business. Thank you Anna, I couldn’t have done it without you!”


Becky Wood, Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator

"I have worked with Anna at a time in my life when I felt stuck in my role and I was not sure what my next move could be.

Anna helped me understand and define the main areas I wanted to work on, both professionally and personally. 

She is an incredible listener, with a very human approach, and she was a great mirror for me, allowing me to see things from a different angle, and move forward. She used very effective breathing techniques at the start of each session, to help me leave behind my workday and focus fully on the session ahead. 

At the end of my journey with Anna I was in a much better place, equipped with the tools I needed to carry on the journey on my own".

Natalie Loubert, Director, LRM Division, Commerzbank AG

"Every coaching session with Anna is a deep dive into your mind and body. I love that she starts with breathing or somatic exercises which help you be present, focused and open to what comes up. 

Anna is a sensitive and emphatic person and she always creates a calm and non-judgemental space that makes you feel safe and at ease. During the sessions she often makes you pause and she tells you what she sees happening in your posture or in your facial expressions. Or she asks you to pay attention to your body and to how an emotion manifests as a physical sensation. It's incredible how this gets you to a deeper understanding of your own feelings.

I feel very enriched after each session, and I am always left with things to do and think about, which helps me continue to walk on the journey I have set for myself.

I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who is looking for a great coach to help him/her move forward, whether in their personal or professional life. 

Valentina Panzera, Account Director

Anna is an incredibly wise, warm and caring person. I had never worked with a coach before, but Anna was supportive and understanding from the very start. 

She has vast knowledge and experience of business etiquette and the struggles women can encounter in their professional lives. 

Working with Anna has really helped me understand myself better and see how I was holding myself back. Diving deep into my own personal and professional attitudes has meant that I have been able to find a happier and more balanced place to move forward.

It's been eye opening for me and I would recommend Anna to anyone who is feeling lost and looking for support and guidance to find their purpose and balance again.

Sophie Gorman, Senior Marketing Manager

My sessions with Anna have been the highlight of the past year. Talking through my work challenges and confidence issues helped me become aware of the problems I needed to solve and gain clarity on the best way to approach them. I developed a more structured way of thinking about my career and how to implement change. A big step was also learning how to handle conflict and difficult relationships at work.  

My coaching experience with Anna has given me a new boost of energy and the strength and will to continue to fight through my challenges. 

While not essential, it was also a great plus that Anna knows the advertising world in depth.  

Finally, I also love her manner - insightful, honest and authentic – which really helps create a safe, open space and makes you feel really comfortable to open up.



Anna Niklewicz, International Account Director, Publicis Groupe 

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