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Being a strategist in advertising means being a bit of a psychologist. I have spent a long time researching and chatting to people to get under their skin. I am fascinated by how human beings think and behave. But it is how people feel that I am truly passionate about.

When I grew up, I was taught to trust my rational side and I often found myself listening too much to my head and doing what I ‘thought’ was right, rather than what ‘felt’ right. Till I realised that it was when I also listened to how I felt that I made the best choices.

As I learnt to trust my feeling self, I developed greater self-awareness and it changed my relationship with myself and others. 

Yoga was a big part of that process. First as a student and then as a teacher, it thought me to get out of my thinking self and feel and sense more. It made me realise how much we hold in our body, and how much wisdom it has if we learn to listen to it. The deeper I connected with myself, the more I became passionate about helping others do the same. 

In 2018 I did a neuroscience-based coach training with the Neuroleadership Institute, which focused on the thinking mind and how it influences our behaviours. I then integrated it with more training with Coachesrising - ‘The Neuroscience of Change’ and ‘The Power of Embodied Transformation’ – to gain deeper knowledge and experience of working with people’s emotions and bodies.  

I love learning and I am in a constant ‘self-development mode’. The more I do, the better I will be able to serve others.

When I don’t work, coach or do yoga, I am likely to be travelling, reading or writing. I have a real passion for words and believe they can be incredibly powerful and life changing. 

Image by Danielle MacInnes
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