In this video series I talk about human behaviour, how we get to be who we are, how we get stuck, and how we change.

As human beings our behaviours are not only influenced by the way we think but also by our emotions and our physical sensations. Learning to experience and manage ourselves as whole, integrated beings - thinking, feeling and sensing beings - is key if we want to keep developing and growing and, ultimately, become better people and better leaders. 

Video 1: Being Whole

Video 4: Being less reactive

Video 7: Managing stress - part 2

Video 10: Practicing Self-acceptance and self-compassion

Video 2: Setting a vision

Video 5: Growing inner strength

Video 8: Dealing with emotions

Video 11: Practicing courage

Video 3: Unlearning habitual behaviours

Video 6: Managing stress - part 1

Video 9: Managing self-doubt

Video 12: Being present for others